Today we are going to have look at some more interesting facts about  “Oracle Technology”.  This post about is the  “ASM Instance and Database Instance”. Being an Oracle DBA our  Oracle journey starts with Database Instance. As we go into the deep knowledge of Oracle we get new terms of Oracle technology. We are going to learn about ASM instance and facts about ASM Instance and Database Instance.

What is Oracle Database Instance?

Every running Oracle database is associated with an Oracle instance. When a database is started on a database server (regardless of the type of computer), Oracle allocates a memory area called the System Global Area (SGA) and starts one or more Oracle processes. This combination of the SGA and the Oracle processes is called an Oracle instance. The memory and processes of an instance manage the associated database’s data efficiently and serve the one or multiple users of the database.

What is  ASM Instance?

ASM instance is built on the same technology as an Oracle Database instance. An ASM instance has a System Global Area (SGA) and background processes that are similar to those of Oracle Database. However, because ASM performs fewer tasks than a database, an ASM SGA is much smaller than a database SGA. In addition, ASM has a minimal performance effect on a server. ASM instances mount disk groups to make ASM files available to database instances; ASM instances do not mount databases.

ASM Instance on a standalone server:-

  • Built on the same technology as of database instance.
  • It also has SGA+Background process.
  • We do not have redo log.
  • It is small as compared to a database instance.
  • ASM install in Grid_Home.
  • ASM instance also has metadata.

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