Today we are going to explore the steps to use for configure Shared server mode. Let’s follow the steps. We need to set the init parameters

SQL>alter system set shared_servers=5;
SQL>alter system set max_dispatchers=10 scope=spfile;;
SQL>alter system set shared_server_sessions=5 scope=spfile;;
SQL>alter system set circuits=300 scope=spfile;;
SQL>alter system set dispatchers="(protocol=TCP)(dispatchers=3)(connections=100)" scope=spfile;

Now client tnsfile should be like


Bounce the Database To confirm shared server connection use below SQL query

SELECT name, status, messages,idle,busy,bytes,breakes from v$dispatcher;
select username, server from v$session;

Now we check shared server are idle or busy query using

select name, dispatchers, substr(service,1,20) service, idle, busy
from v$dispatcher,v$dispatcher_config
where v$dispatcher.conf_indx =
v$dispatcher_config.conf_indx ;

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