In this article, we will see converting regular PDB to Application PDB.

Step 1: Check regular PDB

I have two pdbs which are not associated with any application container.

Step 2: Now I will check which application container is available in my CDB$ROOT

I have two application containers available F348281081_21_1 PDB is a clone of APP_PDB which was created while upgrading APP_PDB application.

Step 3: You can clone or unplug-plug regular pdb to create it as an Application PDB :

We will create a clone of PDB1 in the application container.

Step 4: Connect to application pdb

Check application PDBs available with app_pdb

Step 5: Close PDB1 by connecting it from pdb1 service or connecting with CDB$ROOT

Step 6: Open pluggable database in a read-only state

Step 7: Clone pdb1 to orapdb1

Step 8: check show pdbs

Step 9: Open orapdb1

Step 10: Opening orapdb1 gives warning that PDB altered with errors so let us check pdb_plug_in_violations view to view errors associated with this PDB

It says we need to run a pdb_to_apppdb.sql file to resolve this error.

Step 11: Connect to orapdb1 and run pdb_to_apppdb.sql

Step 12: run pdb_to_apppdb SQL file

Step 13 : Check v$pdbs :

We can see here ORAPDB1 is listed as application pdb.

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