Lockdown Profiles: Its a mechanism given by Oracle to restrict  PDBs from doing certain operations or from restricting them from using certain Functionalities.

There are main three categories we can restrict using Lockdown Profile :

  1. Statement and clause
  2. Feature
  3. Option

A statement can be Alter System and Alter Session and we can restrict clause with this like Alter System SET. A feature can be partitioning and option can be disabling network option or disabling AWR access.

We can create a lockdown profile using CREATE LOCKDOWN PROFILE statement.

A user must have to CREATE LOCKDOWN privilege to create a lockdown profile.

A Lockdown profile can be assigned to all PDBs of CDB, all application PDBs of Application container or to a Single individual PDB.

We need to set PDB_LOCKDOWN parameter for that.

PDB_LOCKDOWN parameter works as follows if we set it in a different environment.

  1. If we set PDB_LOCKDOWN parameter while connected to a PDB then it applies to that PDB only. And overrides any lockdown profile previously set.
  2. When we set PDB_LOCKDOWN parameter while connected to Application Root then it applies to all application PDBs and Application Root.
  3. When we set the PDB_LOCKDOWN parameter while connected to CDB$ROOT then it applies to all PDBs, but not to CDB$ROOT.

To create a lockdown profile :

PDB Lockdown Profiles in Oracle 12.2

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