Oracle has introduced a new concept of Performance Profiles with 12c Release 2.

Now, What is Performance Profile?

Performance Profiles are new concept in Resource Manager. We can fairly distribute resources among pdbs as per their workload.

By creating a performance profile you can set the following resource limit


Let us understand this with an example :

Step 1: Create CDB_PLAN procedure of the DBMS_RESOURCE_MANAGER package in CDB$ROOT. In the following example, I have created two performance profile prf_1 and prf_2.

PRF_1 is created with resource_limit shares=2 and utilization limit to 50% and parallel server limit to 50%.

Step 2: We can check the created performance profile from dba_cdb_rsrc_plans view.

Step 3: Lets set created performance profile in pdb

We can see here DB_PERFORMANCE_PROFILE parameter is not modifiable with memory level. We must bounce the database to set DB_PERFORMANCE_PROFILe.

Step 4: View details of performance profile from dba_cdb_rsrc_directives

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