In this Article, we will see how we can open a Pluggable Database in different modes and changing the setting of particular pdb.

Pluggable Database Modes :

  1. Open Pluggable Database in Restricted Mode

First what is restricted mode : All user having create session privilege can connect to normally opened database. But when your database is opened in restricted mode you need special privilege called  restricted session .

You need both Create a session and restricted session privilege to connect with the database if it is opened in restricted mode.

Generally only DBA have this permission.

Now to open a database in restricted mode use following steps.

SQL> alter session set container=pdb1;

Session altered.

SQL> alter pluggable database open restricted;

Pluggable database altered.

After opening pdb in a restricted mode you can see in shows PDBs you can see YES in the Restricted state.

SQL> show pdbs

    CON_ID CON_NAME                       OPEN MODE  RESTRICTED
---------- ------------------------------ ---------- ----------
         3 PDB1                           READ WRITE YES

Open Pluggable Database in Read-Only Mode

SQL>  alter pluggable database open read only;

Pluggable database altered.

Check open_mode of a pluggable database in v$pdbs

SQL> select name,open_mode from v$pdbs;

NAME                           OPEN_MODE
------------------------------ ----------
PDB1                           READ ONLY

To open a pluggable database in fully updatable mode use following command

SQL> alter pluggable database open;

Pluggable database altered.

Above statement will open a pluggable database in read-write mode

SQL> select name,open_mode from v$pdbs;

NAME                           OPEN_MODE
------------------------------ ----------
PDB1                           READ WRITE

*Modifying PDB Settings

We can do the following task with PDBs.

  1. You can make datafile offline or online.
SQL>  select file#,name from v$datafile where name like '%user%';

---------- --------------------------------------------------
        10 /u01/oracle/oradata/db121/pdb1/pdb1_users01.dbf
SQL> alter pluggable database datafile 10 offline;

Pluggable database altered.

2. Changing the default tablespace

SQL> alter pluggable database default tablespace user1;

Pluggable database altered.

3. Setting the storage limit for a pluggable database

SQL> alter pluggable database storage(maxsize 3g);

Pluggable database altered.

Above are an example we can set in a pluggable database.

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