In this post, we will see how we can upgrade the Pluggable database of Oracle 12c Release 1 to Oracle 12c Release 2.

Source Version
Upgrade Version
Pluggable Database Name PDB

Step 1: Check the version of the pluggable database

Step 2: Check pdb name using show pdbs command

Step 3: Run pre-upgrade script

Step 4: Login to pdb and run the preupgrade_fixup script

Note: As I am upgrading pdb using migrating pdb to empty container I need to remove apex from Source pdb .

Step 3 : Check after removing apex is there any invalid component exists

Step 4 : Compile them using utlrp.sql

Step 5 : Close pdb

Step 6 : Unplug pdb

Step 7 : Connect to an empty container of 12.2

Step 8 : Check the pluggable database

Step 9 : Open pdb in upgrade mode

Step 10 : Run catupgrd.sql

Step 11 : Monitor catupgrd.sql

Step 12 : Open pdb in normal mode

Step 13 : Check pdb state with show pdbs command

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