In previous article we have seen Installing Application and Synchronizing it with Application PDB.

Introduction to Application Container

Application Container Creation and Installation of Application

In this article, we will see upgrading Application and Patching Application.

1. Upgrade Application in Application Container :

Before starting application upgrade you need to know the current version of Application.

Step 1: Connect the current container as app-pdb

Step 2: Check the current version pd application

Step 3: Start upgrade application

Step 4 : We can see as the result of the above upgrade statement one PDB “F348281081_21_1” created as a clone of app_pdb

Step 5 : Run upgrade script

Step 6 : End upgrade

Step 7 : Connect to application pdb :

Step 8 : Synchronize application pdb with application root :

2. Patching application root and application pdb :

Minor changes in application constitutes Application Patches. Let us see step by step procedure to apply a patch and synchronizing it with application pdb.

The current user must have the ALTER PLUGGABLE DATABASE  system privilege, and the privilege must be commonly granted in the application root.

Step 1 : Connect to the application root

Step 2 : applying patch statement needs patch number and the minimum version of an application on which this patch can be applied :

This patch can be applied only on an application running on 2.0 version.

Step 3 : Apply patch script

Step 4 : End patching

You can sync patching to application pdbs using step 8 of the Upgrade procedure.

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