Gateway Installation

You can install Oracle Database Gateway in either of the following configurations:

■ On the same computer as an existing Oracle database but in a different Oracle home.

■ On a system with no Oracle database.

■ On the same computer as the Oracle database and in the same Oracle home directory. Note that in this case, the Oracle database and the gateway must be at the same release level.

— Prior To Install —

1. Check to be sure that your non-Oracle database, platform, and Oracle databases are certified. Check the open systems gateways certification matrix if you are using a non-Mainframe targeted gateway. If you are connecting to a mainframe database, check the mainframe gateways certification.

2. Be sure that your system is ready for the installation by checking the system installation and configuration requirements.

3. Download the gateway product to install. You can review the download reference, or watch a short video demonstration of how to download the gateway product.

— Install —

4. Once the gateway is downloaded extract the download. This will create a directory called gateways. Switch to the gateways directory, and start the installation from here (for Unix/Linux issue ./runInstaller, or from Windows double click on setup.exe).

5. Follow the logical steps as prompted, select the gateway(s) product(s) you wish to install, and follow through the menus as prompted.

— Configure —

6. Following the installation, additional steps are required to configure the Oracle database link, tnsnames, and listener.ora files (if not using the default, dedicated listener for the gateway). To that end, you can configure these using the Gateway Configuration Utility, or you can manually configure these elements following the manual configuration notes.

7. Test the gateway to be sure it connects successfully:
Start the listener, then test the gateway by issuing a select against “dual” via the database link:

 select * from dual@

This query should complete successfully, to confirm the gateway is working.

In the next article we install and configure Oracle Database Gateway.

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