Today we are going to learn about “SQL Loader”. The journey of Oracle Database does not end here.  Let’s have look at the technical definition of SQL Loader.

what is SQL Loader?

The primary method for quickly populating Oracle tables with data from external files is called SQL*Loader. From its powerful data parsing engine that puts a little limitation on the format of the data in the datafile. SQL*Loader is invoked when you specify the sqlldr command or use the Enterprise Manager interface.

SQL*Loader is an integral feature of Oracle databases and is available in all configurations.

Follow these steps to perform SQL Loader

  1. Create a file and give it a name (Ex: data_1.txt)
  2. Insert some valuable data in it. Here we have insert the following things into data_1.txt
1, Anuradha

2, Priya

3, Jack

4, Himanshu

5, Jissy

6, Joel
  1. Create a SQL Loader control file and give it a name. Here we have create a control file which name is LOADER_1.CTL
load data infile ‘c:\data_1.txt’ into table info fields terminated by ‘,’ (id,name)

Now create a table in database

SQL>CREATE TABLE info_1(id number,name varchar(30)); [Under Scott user]

Run the sqlldr

C:\>sqlldr userid=scott/abc#23 CONTROL=c:\LOADER_1.CTL

Now, we can fetch the data from tables

SELECT * FROM info_1;

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