In Previous article we learned about overview of RCONFIG . In this Article we will see Conversion of Single Instance DB to RAC DB with RCONFIG

Prerequisites :

Single Instance DB Name RAC DB name RAC Instance Node  RAC Instance Name RAC Node Name
test TEST  Node 1 db1 RAC1
Node 2 db2 RAC2

Step 1 : Check details of Single Instance DB :

Here we can see that Single Instance DB name is “TEST” , located on RAC1 node and storage is non-ASM.

Step 2 : Go to $ORACLE_HOME/assistants/rconfig/sampleXMLs

Step 3 : Make necessary changes to ConvertToRAC_AdminManaged.xml file as follows :

Here I have passed source DB home , target DB home , source database SID , password for sys user and node details.

Step 4 : Run rconfig command from $ORACLE_HOME/bin/rconfig for actual conversion.

You can see here step by step conversion of database. While processing RCONFIG, it restarts database serveral times. You can see progress on console and you can check details in Source Instance alert.log and Destination Instance alert log of both RAC nodes.

Now , lets check our converted RAC database on RAC1 node.

Check details on RAC2 node :

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