RMAN backup in Noarchive log mode

Today we will see how to take backup of Oracle Database when your database is in NOARCHIVELOG mode. Step 1: Check your database details

In the above output, we can see that the database is in NOARCHIVELOG mode and we have checked the db_recovery_file_dest_size parameter where we can see that it has enough space […]

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Backup CDB and PDBs

Introduction of Multitenant Architecture In this article, we will see how we can take RMAN backup of whole CDB and for the single pluggable database. To take RMAN backup of the whole CDB we can simply take backup by connecting to target as container database and backup database command. Let us see by example : CDB […]

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RMAN Backup With Archivelog

This post is  about how to take RMAN Backup With Archivelog

Note: This will backup all archivelog file and delete those from a target location. If we physically delete some archivelog file before backup then we have to execute the following command before backup-

Some other Options:

Today’s thought Positive thinking […]

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Basic of RMAN Backup and Recovery Scenario

Backup and recovery is a common task in DBA’s Daily Routine. Let’s have looked over the process to take backup of Oracle database and know about the process to recover the database. Check the archive log status

Create a dummy table for testing

Take a Backup

Insert more rows and Shutdown the […]

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Restoring physical standby backup to create new standby database

RMAN Physical Standby Database backup is used to create another physical standby database. Offloading Backup to Standby in Data Guard I have already taken backup of one of my physical standby database. Use following steps to restore physical standby backup to create a new physical standby database. Step 1: Create the directory on the server […]

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Schedule rman backup in windows

We are going to learn about the steps which we will use for schedule rman backup in windows. Most probably Organisations use Linux and Unix OS as per there requirements but sometimes as per company’s requirements, we have to use windows. Here we are going to have look at the process of schedule rman backup in windows.   Let’s have look at it. […]

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Archive log delete input and delete all input

Archive log mode :  This mode created backup of all transactions that have occurred in the database , so that you can recover your database to any point in time. These logs consumes space in respective destination. To utilize storage , we can remove archive log with RMAN command delete input or delete all input […]

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Clone Database using RMAN on Windows 10

Cloning Database with RMAN : A cloning database is useful for a variety of purposes, most of which involve testing. You can perform the following tasks to clone database: Prerequisites: You should have 2 servers , both server should have Oracle Software installed on them. Oracle Version : OS : Windows 10 Database Name […]

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Creating and Deleting Database backupsets on Oracle Cloud DBAAS

This article was written by Skant Gupta and Joel Perez in Oracle OTN. By backing up your Oracle Database Cloud Service database deployments, you can protect the software, configuration and database against loss if a failure occurs. By restoring from a backup, you can restore the deployment’s software, configuration, and database to their state at the time of the backup. […]

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Resynchronize a duplicated remote database using RMAN backups

This post is about re-synchronized a duplicated database: the source database is PROD@vsi08 server and the target database will have the same SID, but located @vsi10 server. All the steps to set up a duplicated database are already explained in this previous post. Let’s duplicate for the first time our target database PROD located on […]

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