Convert Regular PDB to Application PDB

In this article, we will see converting regular PDB to Application PDB. Step 1: Check regular PDB

I have two pdbs which are not associated with any application container. Step 2: Now I will check which application container is available in my CDB$ROOT

I have two application containers available F348281081_21_1 PDB is a clone […]

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Convert Single Instance Database to RAC Database using RCONFIG

In Previous article we learned about overview of RCONFIG . In this Article we will see Conversion of Single Instance DB to RAC DB with RCONFIG Prerequisites : Single Instance DB Name RAC DB name RAC Instance Node  RAC Instance Name RAC Node Name test TEST  Node 1 db1 RAC1 Node 2 db2 RAC2 Step […]

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RCONFIG overview

RCONFIG is a non interactive command line utility for converting a Single-Instance database to RAC database.It is installed by default as a executable file under $GRID_HOME/bin and $ORACLE_HOME/bin. It takes XML file as input and process the conversion procedure. Benefits of using RCONFIG : It’s very light and easy to use utility for conversion of Single Instance database […]

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Converting RAC db to Non-RAC db

In previous Articles we have seen conversion from Single Instance DB to RAC db using various methods.In this Article we will see conversion of RAC to Normal DB[Single Instance]. Prerequisites : RAC Instance Node RAC Node Name RAC DB Name RAC Instance Name  Single Instance DB name Node 1 RAC1 test db1 test Node 2 […]

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Converting Normal Disk Groups to Flex Disk Groups in Oracle 18c

In this post, You can convert a conventional disk group ie created before Oracle ASM 18c to an Oracle ASM flex disk group without using the restrictive mount (MOUNTED RESTRICTED) option. Migrating (converting) to a flex disk group can be performed for a NORMAL or HIGH redundancy disk group with the CONVERT REDUNDANCY TO FLEX […]

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