Introduction of Multitenant Architecture

Oracle databases are always extremely advanced and sophisticated software components that are state of the art for RDBMS. Till 12.1 came into the market we used to have Single Database associated with Single Instance [Except RAC environment], to support each application we need to create a new database. So the organization which handles 50 different […]

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Connecting PDB in Oracle 12c

To connect as sys or other elevated local users, use the same methods as below, but use ‘as sysdba‘ where necessary Method 1:

Method 2:For other methods, you need to know the service-name for the PDB: Get the service name for the PDB:

or by doing “lsnrctl services LISTENER” and locating service for […]

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Rman Backup In Multitenant Database Oracle 12c

Introduction: –   As a DBA we all familiar with the backup commands. In the latest database of Oracle,  we find some different commands we must keep it in mind how to take backup. In this article, we are going to know about the  Rman Backup In Multitenant Database Oracle 12c.With multitenant feature introduced in oracle 12c, […]

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Common User Vs Local User In 12c Multitenant

Introduction: –Database users are the one who really uses and takes the benefits of the database. There will be different types of users depending on their need and way of accessing the database. Application Programmers – They are the developers who concur with the database by means of DML queries. These DML queries are written in […]

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Row limiting clause in oracle 12c

Row limiting clause clause allows sql queries to limit the number of rows returned and to specify a starting row for the return set. 1. Fetch first N rows:

2. Fetch 5 rows after offset of 4 rows

3. Fetch percentage of rows from a query:

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PDB Lockdown Profiles in Oracle 12.2

Use the ALTER LOCKDOWN PROFILE statement to alter a PDB lockdown profile. You can use PDB lockdown profiles in a multitenant environment to restrict user operations in pluggable databases (PDBs). Pluggable databases bring a new separation of database administrator roles. The DBA administers the container database, the CDB, but can then delegate the administration of […]

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Convert non partitioned table to partitioned online Oracle 12.2

This is one of the new feature of oracle 12.2 release . Non-partitioned tables can be converted to partitioned table online without any downtime to the application , i.e no impact to the DML activities. Till now for this activity, we were using dbms_redef methods. But in Oracle 12.2 release this has been simplified much. […]

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Datapump New features in Oracle 12.2

A lot of enhancements has been done in Oracle 12.2 Release.  In this article We will explain the new features of datapump utility in oracle 12.2 Release. 1.Parfile content  written to logfile: Till now, log file of expdp or impdp, doesn’t store the content of parfile, The log file used to look as below.

So […]

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Lock account automatically with INACTIVE_ACCOUNT_TIME

In Oracle 12.2 Release We can use the INACTIVE_ACCOUNT_TIME resource parameter in profile to automatically lock the account of a database user who has not logged in to the database instance in a specified number of days. 1. By default, it is set to UNLIMITED. 2. The minimum setting is 15 and the maximum is […]

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Move table online in Oracle 12.2

In previous Releases, To move a table to a different tablespace or segment, we need to take downtime for this activity And after moving the table, we have to rebuild/recreate the indexes. Now with Oracle 12.2, We can move the table online to a different segment or tablespace, without impacting the DML activities and without […]

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