Oracle 11g Architecture Diagram with Explanation

Oracle 11g Architecture Diagram with Explanation. In below flash video, you can get all Dynamics Views, Background Components and Background Processes. For Flash Video: 11g Interactive in Flash To Download in PDF : 11g Architecture in PDF Soon I will upload for Oracle 12c also. Cheers !!!!  

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Background Processes in Oracle RAC

Oracle RAC Background Processes Image Source The GCS and GES processes, and the GRD collaborate to enable Cache Fusion. The Oracle RAC processes and their identifiers are as follows: 1. ACMS: Atomic Controlfile to Memory Service (ACMS) In an Oracle RAC environment, the ACMS per-instance process is an agent that contributes to ensuring a distributed […]

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Startup And Shutdown Modes Of An Oracle Database

An oracle database can be started in various modes. Each mode is used by the DBA’s to perform some specific operation in the database. Nomount State:  We can bring database to nomount state from shutdown state. When we start an oracle database in nomount state then oracle will create the oracle instance. The instance is […]

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RAC : 11gR2 Clusterware Startup Sequence

Here is the brief explanation that how the clusterware brings up step by step . 1. When a node of an Oracle Clusterware cluster start/restarts, OHASD is started by platform-specific means. OHASD is the root for bringing up Oracle Clusterware. OHASD has access to the OLR (Oracle Local Registry) stored on the local file system. […]

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Back Up & Restore an Oracle ASM Password File with pwget Command

In this article we are showing how to backup and restore password file of Oracle ASM with pwget command. pwget Purpose Returns the location of the password file for the Oracle ASM or database instance. pwcopy Purpose Copies an Oracle ASM or database instance password file to the specified location. pwset Purpose Sets the location […]

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Different ways to find spfile location in Oracle RAC

1. By using SqlPlus

2. By using ASMCMD find command

3. By using spget command

4. By using crsctl command

5. By using gpnp tool Note: mostly used when ASM is not up.

6. From alert.log

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Use spget and spmove command in Oracle ASM

Starting with ASM version 11.2, the ASM spfile can be stored in an ASM disk group. Indeed, during a new ASM installation, the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) will place the ASM spfile in the disk group that gets created during the installation. New ASMCMD commands To support this feature, new ASMCMD commands were introduced to […]

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Rename Empty Diskgroup on ASM 11gR2

The goal here is to rename the DATA diskgroup to DG_PROD_DATA – here is the situation before the rename operation :

1) First of all, the desired diskgroup needs to be dismounted (from each node if this is a RAC configuration):

2) Verify that the desired diskgroup was dismounted:

3) Then execute the rename […]

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Upgrade Oracle Grid and Database ( to

This article is about upgrade of oracle database

Download the 9413827 or 9706490 patch from oracle support and get apply

Below are attachment to findout patch steps. Now we can update the grid home and oracle home from to .

1) check the pre-req before upgrading the grid home […]

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Separating OCR and Voting Disk in Oracle Clusterware 12c

I must thank my fellow DBA Franky Weber Faust for his publication in his blog. Objective: Describe the advantages of separating OCR and RV and also present the process needed to do this. NOTE: Although the procedure was performed in version 11gR2, the steps are the same for version 12c. In this article, we will […]

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