Release Upgrade from 18.3 to 18.5 by applying RU

Database 18c Patch As of the Release date (16-Jan-2019), the only Oracle Database 18 software that is available is 18.1.0 for on-premise Exadata. Then afterwards, it was available for on-premise as well. More Info: Database 18 Proactive Patch Information (Doc ID 2369376.1) OPatch Utility Information You must use the OPatch utility version or later to apply this patch. Oracle […]

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Oracle Database 18c New Features Book

Written by Oracle Certified Master Skant Gupta and Oracle Certified Master & Oracle ACED Joel Pérez describes the myriad new and enhanced capabilities available in the latest Oracle Database release. This book is meticulously planned for the audience keen to learn all about the amazing new features being offered by Oracle Database 18c. You must […]

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Installing Oracle Database 18c with GitHub Repos

In this post, we can use GitHub reposirotry to fetch the repos and then be installing the Oracle Database 18c.  GitHub must be installed for this feature prerequisite. In your VM or Bare Metal, check the status and version of GitHub if it is installed.

As GitHub is not configured, we use YUM to install it with […]

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Accessing the Oracle 18c Database in Vagrant VM

In the previous post, we learned the installation of Vagrant and provisioning the Oracle 18c Database in Vagrant VM. Oracle Database 18c installation with Vagrant Now, in this post, we will show how to access Oracle 18c Database in Vagrant VM. First of all, we can check the status of VM.

Next step uses […]

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Oracle Database 18c installation with Vagrant

A vagrant is a tool for building and managing virtual machine environments in a single workflow. With an easy-to-use workflow and focus on automation, Vagrant lowers development environment setup time, increases production parity, and makes the “works on my machine” excuse a relic of the past. It provides easy to configure, reproducible, and portable work […]

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Finally, the wait is over!! Now Oracle 18c is Available for on-Premise

Oracle Database 18c was released for on-premise as well. Oracle Database 18c, the latest generation of the world’s most popular database, is now available in Oracle Cloud and on Oracle Exadata. It provides businesses of all sizes with access to the world’s fastest, most scalable and reliable database technology for secure and cost-effective deployment of […]

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Export and Import Database link in Oracle 18c

In this post, we will export and import the database link with data pump in Oracle 18c. In next post, we will demonstrate to prevent the passwords of database link using keystores. First, we created the user for testing purpose.

Now, we connected to the new user and created one dummy table with some […]

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Creating Schema-Only Accounts in Oracle 18c

In this post, we will create a schema-only user or we can say that user with no authentication, this feature introduced in Oracle 18c. Sometimes developers want to create a user which contain data only but not allowed to log in.

Now creating the user without password.

Create a dummy table for testing. […]

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ORA-01144: File size (4194304 blocks) exceeds maximum of 4194303 blocks

You may get this error while creating a tablespace in your environment.

Oracle has some boundaries to set datafile maximum size based on the db_block_size parameter. db_block_size maximum allowed size for datafile 2k 8GB 4K 16GB 8K 32GB 16K 64GB 32K 128GB The formula to calculate the max size is db_block_size * 4194303. If […]

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Physical Standby Database: Redo Apply Architecture

In the previous article, we have seen basics about the architecture of Oracle Dataguard. Oracle Dataguard Architecture Oracle Data Guard works on physical standby and logical standby sites. Physical Standby: When primary database generates redo entries, those redo are transferred to standby database and then redo is applied to standby database. Logical Standby: When primary […]

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