Upgrading 12cR1 to 12cR2 Non-CDB database

In this article, we will see upgrading Oracle Database from 12c Release 1 to 12C Release 2. Step 1: Check database details

Step 2: Run preupgrade script

Step 3: Run preupgrade_fixups.sql

Step 4: It is giving an error on min_archive_dest_size parameter as It is not having enough free storage available

Step […]

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Upgrading an Oracle Data Guard Broker Configuration

Step 1: Login to dgmgrl and disable configuration before upgradation

Step 2: set dg_broker_start parameter to a false value.

Step 3: upgrade database using dbua Step 4: Start dg_broker by setting dg_broker_start to the true value.

Step 5: connect to dgmgrl

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Dropping pluggable database

Dropping Pluggable Database : We can drop the pluggable database using DROP PLUGGABLE DATABASE statement from the root container. Let’s try dropping one pdb Step 1: Check which pdb you want to drop

Step 2: Close pluggable database

Step 3: Drop pdb2

It is giving me an error. As we cannot keep […]

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Encrypting PDB

In this article, we will see activating Encryption at pdb level. Before activating activation at pdb level we must open keystore at ROOT level else you will get error “ORA-46661: keystore not open in root container”. Step 1: We need to set ENCRYPTION_WALLET_LOCATION in sqlnet.ora file

Step 2: Reload listener

Step 3: User […]

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PDB Performance Profile

Oracle has introduced a new concept of Performance Profiles with 12c Release 2. Now, What is Performance Profile? Performance Profiles are new concept in Resource Manager. We can fairly distribute resources among pdbs as per their workload. By creating a performance profile you can set the following resource limit SHARES UTILIZATION_LIMIT PARALLEL_SERVER_LIMIT Let us understand […]

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Oracle Golden Gate Components

Oracle Golden Gate Oracle GoldenGate offers a real-time, log-based replication software platform to meet the needs of today’s transaction-driven applications. The software provides capture, routing, transformation, and delivery of transactional data across heterogeneous databases in real time. Components in Oracle Golden Gate :  Following Components are used in Oracle Golden Gate to perform its tasks. Extract […]

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duplicating pluggable database

In Oracle 12.2 there is a beauty in RMAN that we can restore a single pdb from whole CDB backup. In this article, we will see how we can duplicate Single PDB from CDB backup¬†What I have : One CDB : CDB12 Three pdbs : pdb, pdb1, pdb2 What I will get : One CDB […]

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PDB Creation with Various methods

In the next 2-3 posts we are going to see all the methods used to create Pluggable Database There are following methods available to create Pluggable Database : Clone a regular PDB Create remote pdb using dblink Create a regular pdb to an application PDB Unplug and Plug a non-CDB Unplug and plug a regular […]

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Create Pluggable Database using dblink

We can create a pluggable database using dblink from a remote location. Step 1: Check container database

Step 2: Connect to a pluggable database you want to clone :

Step 3: Create a user with which you want to clone pdb, you can use existing user too. The user should have created pluggable […]

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Upgrade 12.1 PDBs to PDBs in 12.2

In this post, we will see how we can upgrade the Pluggable database of Oracle 12c Release 1 to Oracle 12c Release 2. Source Version Upgrade Version Pluggable Database Name PDB Step 1: Check the version of the pluggable database

Step 2: Check pdb name using show pdbs command

Step 3: […]

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