How to set IDLE TIME in Oracle Database

Today we are going to explore the steps which we use for set IDLE TIME in Oracle Database.  Let’s follow the steps. Step1:- connect as sysdba user

Step2:- Change the resource parameter to true

Step3:- Change the IDLE time to 60min

It is changed to 60 min of idle time. The application […]

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Installing Oracle 20c Binary on OEL 7.5

In this post, we are installing Oracle 20c binaries on OEL 7.5. First, we need to download the software then unzip it on oracle home and start runInstaller from the software location. Initally, you can use Oracle 20c on OCI.

Select a “Set Up Software Only” and click next. Select on “Single instance database […]

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Apply latest PSU (Jan 2020) on Oracle Home

In this article we will apply the latest PSU applied to Database Home.  Latest Patch : Database Jan 2020 Release Update : (30593149) We need to initially download the desired PSU and My Oracle Support compatible OPatch utility ( Doc ID 2118136.2 -> Quick References to Patch Numbers for Database / GI PSU, SPU (CPU), […]

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New Features in Oracle Database 19c

Oracle Database supplied user accounts are now schema only accounts Most of the Oracle Database supplied user accounts, except SYS and sample schemas are now schema only accounts, that is, these accounts are created without passwords. This prevents malicious users from logging into these accounts. You can assign passwords to these accounts whenever you want them to be authenticated. […]

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Using DBMS_ROLLING to Upgrade the Oracle Database

We know the pain of Upgrading Database, taking hours of downtime. But, Oracle comes with a new feature called DBMS_ROLLING from 12C Release 1. If you are having a license for Active Data Guard this method will minimize your downtime for upgrade or patching. This method is well automated. You just need 90 seconds 120 […]

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Upgrading Oracle Database with a Physical Standby Database

In this article, we can upgrade the 11g database to 12c with the help of DataGaurd Primary DB Name Standby DB Name Database Version Upgrade Version UPGDB UPGDB Step 1: Install binaries on both Primary and Standby Server. Step 2: Shut down Primary Database. Step 3: Shut down Standby Database. Step 4: […]

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ORA-12516:TNS protocol stack in Oracle

Let’s start the series of Oracle listener. Now are going to focus over the issue for the following errors. Let’s have looked over the steps and solve the issues.

Cause: None of the known and available service handlers for the given SERVICE_NAME support the client’s protocol stack: transport, session, and presentation protocols. Solution: check […]

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ORA-12505: TNS:listener in Oracle

Being human being we have a lot of unlimited qualities. Listening is one of them. Normally we ignore it but it is most important for all. Good listing keeps us away from 99% problems away and life makes us simple but if we don’t listen properly we invite unlimited problem in our life. In same […]

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How to Purge Listener Log in Oracle

Being DBA we all are aware that Oracle Database makes a connection with a client with the help of listener. Oracle provides the facility to have look over the status of Oracle listen. Being a part of IT we must be aware that 24*7 We require database live but due to some unfortunate conditions database […]

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Writing data into OS text file from Database Using UTL_FILE

Today we are going to have a look at “how to write data into OS text file from Database Using UTL_FILE?” In the journey of DBA sometimes in some cases, we need to perform this activity. To prepare every time to let’s have look on the post. Before we start it we must know what does UTl_File […]

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