Recover From Redo Log File

This post explains about the steps are used by DBA for recovery From Redo Log File. Check the archive log status

List the tablespaces

Create new tablespace and create a table with some dummy data

Shutdown the database

Delete the datafile and try to start the database

Recreate the datafile and […]

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Recover Datafile in Standby Database in Data Guard Environment

In the previous article, we have to seen Recovering Primary Database Datafile using Standby Database if it’s not deleted from Standby Database. Recover Data File in Primary Database in Data Guard Environment Here we will see what if datafile gets corrupted or deleted from Standby Database. Step 1: In the below code, we can see […]

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Recover contiguous corrupted data blocks

Being a DBA we all have good knowledge on feature of its database.   As we know that Oracle has introduced a new feature in 11g which can be used to get assistance in case of loss or corruption of datafiles, redo log files or controlfiles. This tool is called data recovery advisor and is accessible from […]

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Recover a never backed up tablespace after losing its datafile

In this post, we are going to learn steps which are use recover a never backed up tablespace after losing its datafile and even the current controlfile after the autobackup feature completes its job. This crash involves the lost of the “never backed up” tablespace and of the current controlfile. Let’s start with an example. Our […]

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Restore from a loss of a subset of the current control files

Oracle database without control file is just like a human body without a backbone. Control file plays the role of the backbone of the database . Being an oracle dba we must know about controlfile . The control file is a file that the Oracle DBMS maintains to manage the state of the database, and it is […]

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What will happen if dbf file accidentally deleted when the database is still open and how to recover it? On Unix/Linux, when a file is deleted, but a process still has the file open, the file is still there in the filesystem, and only the inode is removed. But the process can continue to use […]

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Physical Backup

What is physical Backup? The operating system saves the database files onto tape or some other media. This is useful to restire the system to an earlier point whenever needed. In its simplest form, a physical backup is the movement of all data from one raw device to another; in the context of file system […]

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In the 24/7 working environment, any organization requires database available all time. In business world, there are three type of users (Top Management(C.E.O, Board of Directors etc), Technical user(DBA, Developers etc.)/Non -Technical user(Hr , C.A, Market department etc.), End Users(Customers) )who interact with database any  organization according to their roles and privileges. N number of activity done by them […]

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