Cold Backup and Recovery From Archivelog

Let’s have look on the steps used for Cold Backup and Recovery From Archivelog. Check the archive log status

Enable the archive logs

create a table for the testing purpose

Shutdown the database and make of necessary files

Start the database and insert some records

Shut down the database and […]

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RMAN Recovery From Missing All Control File

Today we are going to have look on the steps which are used by “DBA” for RMAN Recovery From Missing All Control File.

Delete control files and start the database

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Basic of RMAN Backup and Recovery Scenario

Backup and recovery is a common task in DBA’s Daily Routine. Let’s have looked over the process to take backup of Oracle database and know about the process to recover the database. Check the archive log status

Create a dummy table for testing

Take a Backup

Insert more rows and Shutdown the […]

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RMAN Time Based Recovery

RMAN is the most useful tool for Oracle in DBA’s life. Today’s post is about “RMAN Time Based Recovery”. Let’s have look on the steps. First, take the full backup.

Create a table

Now drop the table

start the database in mount state

set the NLS parameter and run the RMAN […]

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Resynchronize a duplicated remote database using RMAN backups

This post is about re-synchronized a duplicated database: the source database is PROD@vsi08 server and the target database will have the same SID, but located @vsi10 server. All the steps to set up a duplicated database are already explained in this previous post. Let’s duplicate for the first time our target database PROD located on […]

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Categories of Failures in Oracle Database

Today we are going to have look on Categories of Failures in Oracle Database.  This information helps to DBA solve the issue as soon as possible.   Statement Failure Statement failure transpires when there is a logical failure in the handling of a statement in an Oracle program. If a statement failure occurs, then the Oracle software or operating […]

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Restore from a loss of all current control files to a non default location using a backup piece

This post is about the steps which use restore from a loss of all current control files to a non-default location using a backup piece. First of all just create a location outside the flash recovery area where to save the backup piece containing the current control file:    

Now it’s time to create […]

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Perform a time-based incomplete recovery

Every incomplete recovery is followed by a resetlogs command before opening the database: each time you use a resetlogs command, a new incarnation of the database is created. While performing incomplete recovery it should be known the target point at which the recovery process needs to terminate: there are several ways to establish and set […]

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Duplicate a database on the same host

This post explains the steps which are used for RMAN: how to duplicate a database on the same host. We need to duplicate a database. There are many possibilities to complete this task and I choose to use RMAN and its commands: in particular, I decided (to be honest it was just a poor notebook configuration […]

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