Recovery Scenario of Database

Here we will simulate recovery scenario of database.First we will create crash situation and then we will try to recover from that. Check backup is available for your database Now connect your pluggable database Create one tablespace in pluggable database . Create one user and grant quota on this tablespace to that user. Now lets […]

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Set TIME and DATE Format in RMAN

To simulate , I took fresh RMAN backup using following command. Step 2 : Check backup using list backup command . Let’s add some parameter to set time format in RMAN. Add following parameter in your .bash_profile which resides in home directory of oracle user. Now , run .bash_profile file to give effect Now , […]

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Restore Encrypted Backup

Here we will see how we can password based encrypted backup. I am taking a fresh backup using password based encryption. To know more about password based encryption of RMAN go through following article Step 1 : Take encrypted backup using following command in RMAN Note : I gave “orarmanbkp” password for encryption. Check […]

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Use of Basic RMAN commands

RMAN : RMAN is an Oracle Database client and every DBA’s favorite tool for backup and recovery of the database. We have many RMAN related posts which can help you in all scenarios . However, today we will see a basic RMAN commands that will show what RMAN offers you. This post is mainly for […]

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Password Based Encryption in RMAN Backup

In this article we will see password based encryption. Step 1 : Connect to RMAN Step 2 : Set encryption algorithm Step 3 : Here I am taking backup of one tablespace in ORCLPDB pluggable database We can see an error is thrown here , unable to encrypt backup , wallet is not open Explanation […]

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Hot Backup with RMAN in Oracle

We are going to have look on the backup of Oracle, Which is common in DBA’s life. HOT Backup is the most common way to have a backup. Let’s have look on the steps of Oracle’s HOT Backup. Check the archive status

Create a test table

Check the datafile name and begin the backup […]

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Cold Backup with Rman in Oracle

Today we are going to have look on Cold Backup. Being DBA we are aware of the importance of Backup in Oracle. Different kind of backup has a different kind of uses. Let’s have look on Cold Backup. Steps for Cold Backup

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RMAN Recovery From Missing All Control File

Today we are going to have look on the steps which are used by “DBA” for RMAN Recovery From Missing All Control File.

Delete control files and start the database

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RMAN Backup With Archivelog

This post is  about how to take RMAN Backup With Archivelog

Note: This will backup all archivelog file and delete those from a target location. If we physically delete some archivelog file before backup then we have to execute the following command before backup-

Some other Options:

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Catalog Database in RMAN

Purpose of Catalog Database A base recovery catalog is a database schema that contains RMAN metadata for a set of target databases. A virtual private catalog is a set of synonyms and views that enable user access to a subset of a base recovery catalog. Catalog Database can be two types Base recovery catalog Virtual […]

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