ORA-00245 (Snapshot Control File Configuration)

Beginning with, for any form of database control file backup operations, Oracle no longer acquires the controlfile enqueue lock. This change requires snapshot control file accessibility to all instances in a RAC database, in contrast to a single-instance database, to successfully complete a manual or auto control file backup operation. When the snapshot control file […]

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CHM (Cluster Health Monitor)

Which is analyzing the Os and cluster resource related degradation and failures. Its store real time OS metric in the CHM repository and also report and alert when certain metrics pass the resource utilization threshold. Tool can be replay the historical data to trace back what was happening at the time of failure, and its […]

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LREG New BG Process In 12c

In 11.2 Pmon process propagates the service metrics to the listeners registered in local_listener and remote_listener initialization parameter. As the remote_listener specifies specifies the address of scan listener and the local_listener parameter specifies the address of the VIP listener, PMON process propogates the service metrics to both SCAN and VIP listeners. You can trace listener registration using […]

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Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c Release 3 Cloud Control installation

In this article, we will install the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c Release 3 ( on Oracle Linux7. (x86_64) with Oracle 18c. Software Download the following software: Oracle Linux 6 or 7 (x86_64) Oracle Database (x86_64) or 18c Enterprise Edition Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c Release 3 ( (x86_64) To know about Preinstallation Requirements […]

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New Features of Oracle OEM 13c release 3

Below are the lists new features specifically associated with the base Oracle Enterprise Manager platform which includes the Cloud Control console, Oracle Management Service, and Oracle Management Agents. Support for Customization of Enterprise Manager Login Page Middleware Management  Enhancements to Oracle Fusion Middleware Process Control Configure Success and/or Failure Strings in Web Service Tests Oracle […]

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Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c Release 3 (13.3)

Oracle Enterprise Manager is Oracle’s integrated enterprise information technology (IT) management product line, which provides the industry’s only complete, integrated, and business-driven enterprise cloud management solution. Oracle Enterprise Manager creates business value for IT by leveraging the built-in management capabilities of the Oracle stack for traditional and cloud environments, enabling customers to achieve unprecedented efficiency […]

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DGMGRL error ORA-12514: TNS:listener does not currently know of service requested in connect descriptor

A common error we face while doing switchover operation using DGMGRL.

We can see in above code switchover operation is not completed it needs manual startup of new DR database. To overcome this check your static connect identifier for DR and production database.

Change according to your database and server details.

Now […]

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Step by Step Creation of Cascading Standby

Cascading Standby Database works in two layers. As per normal the standby configuration, standby database receives redo from the primary database. In Layer 2 standby database will receive redo from another standby database rather than directly from the primary database. With Cascading standby database we can minimize the load of Primary Database. As per Oracle […]

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Creating Fast Incremental Backup

Creating Fast Incremental Backups :  We have seen how block change tracking is enabled. Enable block change tracking on the physical standby database The motive of Incremental backup is to backup only those blocks which are changed since the last zero or level 1 incremental backup. Block change tracking provides a boost to this. If […]

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Disabling FAST_START Failover

To know about Fast Start Failover in Data Guard To disable Fast_Start failover apply following command :

When we perform above command Fast_Start failover is first disabled on target standby database with data guard broker then it is disabled from the primary database. Then these changes are propagated to all standby database present in the […]

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