Oracle Database 18c Client Released

Oracle Database 18c Client was released for on-premise as well. Oracle Database 18c, the latest generation of the world’s most popular database, is now available in Oracle Cloud and on Oracle Exadata. It provides businesses of all sizes with access to the world’s fastest, most scalable and reliable database technology for secure and cost-effective deployment […]

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Manual Failover in Data Guard

We understood roles of the database in the previous article and explored SwitchOver of database roles. Manual SwitchOver in Oracle   In this article, we will see FailOver of the Database role. When we have planned maintenance activity we can simply switch roles of Primary and Standby database. But what if Primary Database crashes and […]

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Manual SwitchOver in Oracle

Let us understand today whole switchover the scenario in Oracle Data Guard. I have written many articles of Oracle Data Guard that explains the architecture of Oracle Data Guard, Benefits of having Data Guard as your DR solution, different methods of creating Data Guard. Today, we will see How your database works before switchover after […]

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Changing Protection Modes in Oracle

We have seen Protection Modes in depth in my previous Article. To read protection modes in data guard : Protection modes in Oracle Dataguard In this article, we will see changing protection modes . First, we need to decide what protection mode we want in our environment. Which protection mode suits better.What is important for […]

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How to Flush Single SQL Plan out of Shared Pool in Oracle

Todays let ‘s have look at the query which we use to resolve this issue ” How to Flush Single SQL Plan out of Shared Pool”.      Find the address and the hash value

Execute the purge procedure

Thank you for giving your valuable time to read the above information. If you […]

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Check Materialized View Refresh Schedule in Oracle

This post is about the view which we use in Oracle. What is  Materialized View? The view which we use to make a replica of a target master from a single point in a time is known materialized view. As we know why do we need materialized view in Oracle? redesign the system and eliminate those […]

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Startup Procedure in Oracle

We are going to have look at the most basic but most important part of Database. It is the first step of Database. We can call it initial stage of Database. Let’s have look at this image. It indicates some hidden simple and most meaningful message. Ladders are to meant to climb only it shows we […]

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Progress status of index rebuild in Oracle

  The game never ends after the creation of anything. It starts when it comes to the phase of maintenance. Today we are going to have look on the query which is used to look “Progress status of index rebuild/creation or long operation”.      Let’s have look on the query.

v$session_longops will show […]

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Change User Password in Oracle

In the world of technology, we use “USERNAME and PASSWORD “ multiple time in a day. As per nature, rule “CHANGE “is a must.  Oracle Database also provides the option to change user’s password. The only superuser has a privilege to change the password. Let’s have look at the steps which we use to change the password. The […]

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