Truncate table with cascade feature1 in oracle 12c

In oracle 12c TRUNCATE TABLE CASCADE will truncate its child tables, if ON DELETE CASCADE relationship is present on child table. Create one parent and child table with some data

You can check the child table details using : Get child table details

Truncate the parent table with cascade option:

We can […]

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Row limiting clause in oracle 12c

Row limiting clause clause allows sql queries to limit the number of rows returned and to specify a starting row for the return set. 1. Fetch first N rows:

2. Fetch 5 rows after offset of 4 rows

3. Fetch percentage of rows from a query:

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Move tables (online / offline) in Oracle (9i-12cR2)

I must thank my fellow DBA Franky Weber Faust for his publication in his blog.  The goal here is to share the procedures for performing the move of tables in Oracle Database from version 9i to version 12cR2. Here in this article I am using 12cR2 ( to also be able to demonstrate the features […]

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