Quorum failure group in Oracle ASM

Voting files manage information about node membership. OCR is a system that manages cluster and Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) database configuration information. A quorum failure group is a special type of failure group and disks in these failure groups do not contain user data. A quorum failure group is not considered when determining […]

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Upgrade Oracle Grid and Database ( to

This article is about upgrade of oracle database

Download the 9413827 or 9706490 patch from oracle support and get apply

Below are attachment to findout patch steps. Now we can update the grid home and oracle home from to .

1) check the pre-req before upgrading the grid home […]

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Steps to change SCAN IP address in RAC

To Change the SCAN IP  address it must be available and need to changes on the DNS by the network admin. So we have SCAN IP address available. Steps: 1. To check the current status SCN IP address on  DNS

2. Check the current status SCAN-VIP in the resource file

3. Request network […]

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Change Listener ports RAC with MGMTDB

In this post, you will know how to change the Listener Port In Oracle RAC. We can change some listener ports from 1521 to 1525 on a RAC. 1. Check the listener status

2. Modify the listener

3. Bounce the listener

4. Change the MGMTDB listener

5. Restart the MGMTDB […]

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Master Node in Oracle RAC

In this post, I will demonstrate three methods to identify the oracle clusterware’s master node. Please note that clusterware master is different from Resource master in oracle database instance. To know about how to find the resource master, Oracle ClusterWare Master’s  Node information can be found  By scanning ocssd logs from various nodes By scanning  crsd […]

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Delete a node from RAC

To remove a node from a which is part of a RAC involves several steps Stop the database and ASM on particular instance Remove the database and ASM Remove the Oracle Database Software Remove the Clustware Update the oracle inventory Current Scenario

Step 1: Stop the instance

Step 2: Remove the instance


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Adding a Database home to a 12c RAC Cluster

In previous article we added the grid home in third home (i.e rac3): Click Here Now we are going to extend the database home in 3rd home. From an existing node i.e rac1 – as the database software owner – run the following command to extend the Oracle database software to the new node “rac3” […]

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Adding a Grid node to a 12c RAC Cluster

The generic steps to follow when adding the new node to the cluster are: Install Operating System Install required software Add/modify users and groups required for the installation Configure network Configure kernel parameters Configure services required such as NTP Configure storage (multipathing, zoning, storage discovery, ASMLib?) We assume that our OS,storage and network is already […]

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ACCIDENTALLY data file is added without “+” sign

In RAC or ASM environment, we missed the ‘+’ sign while adding datafile in tablespace. we got error in ora-01110, ora-27037 in alert log.

Solution 1.  Find out the data file number( It is available in the alert log) 2.  use the rman to copy the data to ASM disk group. 3.  offline the […]

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