How to check the status of OMS and Agent in OEM 13cR2

We used 2 servers, one for the Database server and another one is for the management server.

To check the status of OMS, we can login to em server.

To get more details about port and URL, then we can use -details in status command.

How to check the status of Agent […]

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Cloud Computing How do I Look

It’s been long I was thinking to write something about cloud computing, when people around me started talking about cloud computing. “Oh my God here is another buzzword in IT, let’s explore it” this was my first thought. For me it’s a new computing paradigm or IT infrastructure model. If you see the advancement in […]

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Oracle DBaaS Monitor In Oracle Cloud

Oracle DBaaS Monitor provides monitoring and management of the Oracle database and listener on Oracle Database Cloud Service. DBaaS Monitor provides quick and easy access to a variety of information about the database instance running on a database deployment: Overall, how much storage is allocated to tablespaces, and how much of that storage is used For […]

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Running Oracle on Docker

I must thank my fellow DBA Franky Weber Faust for his publication in his blog. If you want to know about Basic about Docker in the Oracle Hi everyone, here in a very brief post I will show you how to upload Oracle in a Docker container. Following the DevOps wave, this week I’m doing a course and knowing […]

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Oracle Cloud (DBaaS): Access Oracle Cloud Instance in GUI Mode

This article was written by Skant Gupta and Joel Perez in Oracle OTN. If you want to be updated with all our articles send us the Invitation or Follow us: Joel Perez’s LinkedIn: Skant Gupta’s LinkedIn: or Join our LinkedIn group: Oracle Cloud DBaaS In this article we will show you how to access oracle cloud instance in GUI mode. Create […]

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Steps for Create Standby Database From OEM 13c Cloud Control

In this post, we are going to have look on steps creation of Standby Database From OEM 13c Cloud Control. Creating or adding standby database for an existing primary database is a matter of few clicks in OEM 13c cloud control. Prerequisites: Source database is already registered in cloud control. An agent is deployed target host. Oracle […]

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Steps to Apply Database Patch From OEM Cloud Control

Being a Core DBA we have deep  knowledge about patching.On the internet we have lots of knowledge is available about patching.This patching is different from the normal one. In this article, we are going to have look on steps which use to Apply Database Patch From OEM Cloud Control.  With help of OEM cloud control, […]

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Generate Custom Report From OEM Cloud Control

REPORTING module can be used in OEM cloud control to generate custom reports like database status report of all target databases. Repository database contains all the target details and metric information. So the best way is to run a query against the repository database. Here we have provided steps for generating database consolidation report ENTERPRISE […]

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EMCLI Command – OEM 12C

This post is about the commands which is used by Oracle DBA during using OEM 12c. EMCLI – Enterprise Command Line Interface. Though Managing OEM cloud control from GUI is easy. Few people like to use emcli command line tool. Here I have listed few useful commands. 1. Login to syman

2. SYNC OMS […]

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Migrate OMS Repository DB To Another Host In OEM 12C/13C

This article about the steps which we use to Migrate OMS repository DB to another host in OEM 12c/13c. If you are planning to move your OMS repository database from the existing host to a new host, then follow below easy steps. In the below example we will migrate the repository database from host01 to […]

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