Explore the Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR)

ADR – Automatic Diagnostic Repository is a file-based directory structure formed in a hierarchical way to store diagnostic information of the database. For each database instance, ADR directories are created and maintained. In 12c release two, it is not changed. Hence we are having one instance for root container only. ADR directories are managed for […]

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Recover From Redo Log File

This post explains about the steps are used by DBA for recovery From Redo Log File. Check the archive log status

List the tablespaces

Create new tablespace and create a table with some dummy data

Shutdown the database

Delete the datafile and try to start the database

Recreate the datafile and […]

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Advantage Of RMAN in Oracle

This post is for those who are new in “Oracle RDBMS”, Being a part of Oracle technology in Database. “RMAN” plays an important part in “Backup&Recovery”. “RMAN” has its own benefits. Let’s have looked over the “RMAN” benefits.     RMAN helps to DBA have incremental where only modified data blocks will be copied It integrity checks for the […]

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Feature Enable In Oracle

Note: Just illustration for fun It in fact violates the license. This is only study purpose. All Features are enable in EE (Enterprise Edition). Actually some features not enabled, if you are using Oracle SE (Standard Edition). Follow the point to see the feature is enable or not in  (SE) . In my case 1. […]

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How to connect to ASM Instance Remotely

Today we have looked over ASM Instance Remotely. We can see that the normal instance of RDBMS is different from ASM. Connect to ASM Instance Remotely Being DBA we are aware that By Default Oracle ASM don’t allow remote sysdba connection since ASM instance is in NOMOUNT state. You Might get ORA-12528: TNS:listener: all appropriate […]

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Writing data into OS text file from Database Using UTL_FILE

Today we are going to have a look at “how to write data into OS text file from Database Using UTL_FILE?” In the journey of DBA sometimes in some cases, we need to perform this activity. To prepare every time to let’s have look on the post. Before we start it we must know what does UTl_File […]

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Read Alert log from x$dbgalertext in Oracle

This post is small in content but most useful for all DBAs. We are going to have look at the most important part of Oracle RDBMS. Being Oracle DBA we all are well known about alert logs but few of us experts know how to read it. We re being a part of IT basic thing taught […]

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Check Materialized View Refresh Schedule in Oracle

This post is about the view which we use in Oracle. What is  Materialized View? The view which we use to make a replica of a target master from a single point in a time is known materialized view. As we know why do we need materialized view in Oracle? redesign the system and eliminate those […]

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Change User Password in Oracle

In the world of technology, we use “USERNAME and PASSWORD “ multiple time in a day. As per nature, rule “CHANGE “is a must.  Oracle Database also provides the option to change user’s password. The only superuser has a privilege to change the password. Let’s have look at the steps which we use to change the password. The […]

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