What will happen if dbf file accidentally deleted when the database is still open and how to recover it? On Unix/Linux, when a file is deleted, but a process still has the file open, the file is still there in the filesystem, and only the inode is removed. But the process can continue to use […]

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Physical Backup

What is physical Backup? The operating system saves the database files onto tape or some other media. This is useful to restire the system to an earlier point whenever needed. In its simplest form, a physical backup is the movement of all data from one raw device to another; in the context of file system […]

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In the 24/7 working environment, any organization requires database available all time. In business world, there are three type of users (Top Management(C.E.O, Board of Directors etc), Technical user(DBA, Developers etc.)/Non -Technical user(Hr , C.A, Market department etc.), End Users(Customers) )who interact with database any  organization according to their roles and privileges. N number of activity done by them […]

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Scenario 1 – Recover a Member of a Multiplexed Online Redo Log Group

Please follow the below steps. Steps : 1. Shutdown immediate; 2. Physically remove redo log member(no redo log group) by using OS level command. 3. Startup; 4. SELECT GROUP#, STATUS, MEMBER FROM v$LOGFILE WHERE STATUS=’INVALID’; 5. Check alert log file. Steps for Recovery : 1. Drop the damaged member ALTER DATABASE DROP LOGFILE MEMBER ‘D:\app\admin\oradata\orcl\REDO01.LOG’; […]

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Restore and Backup the current OLR

Backup current OLR and all available OLR backups

Verify available backups

Verify available backups from OS

Restore  OLR from Current Backup. Shutdown CRS and check that ohasd.bin process is not running and restore OLR

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