Restore spfile

In this post, we can restore spfile ORA-01078 is a common error we are facing when we have lost our parameter file. In above case we need to restore spfile from backup When rman does not find any parameter file , it will use default parameter and open database in nomount mode , so we […]

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Recovering database from loss of datafile in NOARCHIVELOG MODE

We have seen an ERROR in the opening database. let’s recover it. Step 1: Connect to the database and start the database using STARTUP command

We can see in the above output database is unable to open . And it threw an error that it cannot identify/lock data file 13. Step 2: Let’s make […]

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Creating backup using recovery catalog

In the previous article, we have created a recovery catalogue database and registered database. Creation of Recovery Catalog and Registering Database In this article, we will take incremental backup using a recovery catalog. Step 1: Connect rman with target and catalog clause Target: Database for which you want to create a backup Catalog: Catalog database […]

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Creation of Recovery Catalog and Registering Database

Recovery Catalog: RMAN metadata is stored in a different database instead of the control file. That database works as a repository. Follow the given steps to create a recovery catalog database Step 1: Connect to the target database which you want to use as a recovery catalog. Here in my case, I am using pdb […]

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Enable block change tracking

In this article we will enable block change tracking Now, what is block change tracking? Block change tracking is a mechanism of Oracle database to record changed blocks in a file. It helps us in taking incremental backups. While tracking incremental backups, instead of scanning all datafiles for changed blocks RMAN can simply read change […]

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KEEP FOREVER Database Backup

We know that when we take backup using RMAN it has its configuration for Retention Policy. Every backup has its retention policy either in days or in a number of back-ups. And backups are stored in the Fast recovery area. Once a backup exceeds from its retention policy it becomes obsolete. But today we will […]

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Backup Archive log files

We know that archive logs are very important files of a database when it comes to recovery. Let’s see how we can take backup of archive log files. Step 1: Connect to RMAN

Step 2: Take a backup using the following script

To know the difference between delete input and delete all input […]

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Backup the Control File

We can set CONTROLFILE AUTOBACKUP on to make a backup of control file every time we take backup using RMAN. But today we will see how we can manually make a backup of controlfile. Step 1: Login to SQL prompt of database

Step 2: Take a backup using the backup controlfile command

Step […]

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Configuring setting in RMAN

Recovery Manager [RMAN] is a very powerful tool when it comes to Backup, Restore or recovering your database. Today we will see Configuration of RMAN and how we can set them. Let’s start from scratch. 1: Connecting to RMAN To connect with rman we need to specify a target database name, username and password.


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RMAN backup in Noarchive log mode

Today we will see how to take backup of Oracle Database when your database is in NOARCHIVELOG mode. Step 1: Check your database details

In the above output, we can see that the database is in NOARCHIVELOG mode and we have checked the db_recovery_file_dest_size parameter where we can see that it has enough space […]

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