ORA-00600 [qosdExpStatRead: expcnt mismatch]

Recently started seeing this error on few of the Exadata environments. ORA–00600: internal error code, arguments:[qosdExpStatRead: expcnt mismatch] Cause  This is due to sys.exp_obj$. EXP_CNT mismatch rows of sys.exp_stat$ Following SQL is used to check issue data of some objects. if there are some rows return, that means data issue. With b as ( select count(*) cnt,objn,snapshot_id from sys.exp_stat$ […]

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Installing Oracle Database 18c with GitHub Repos

In this post, we can use GitHub reposirotry to fetch the repos and then be installing the Oracle Database 18c.  GitHub must be installed for this feature prerequisite. In your VM or Bare Metal, check the status and version of GitHub if it is installed.

As GitHub is not configured, we use YUM to install it with […]

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ORA-12012 Oracle 12.2 (DBCA) Known Bug

DB Ver: 12.2 BETA and higher version. Getting Below alert in Alert.log while creating a database through DBCA in AIX Env. ORA-12012: error on auto execute of job “SYS”.”ORA$AT_OS_OPT_SY_7252″ ORA-20001: Statistics Advisor: Invalid task name for the current user ORA-06512: at “SYS.DBMS_STATS”, line 47207 ORA-06512: at “SYS.DBMS_STATS_ADVISOR”, line 882 ORA-06512: at “SYS.DBMS_STATS_INTERNAL”, line 20059 ORA-06512: […]

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Pluggable Database Modes and PDB Settings

In this Article, we will see how we can open a Pluggable Database in different modes and changing the setting of particular pdb. Pluggable Database Modes : Open Pluggable Database in Restricted Mode First what is restricted mode : All user having create session privilege can connect to normally opened database. But when your database […]

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Change Default Temporary Tablespace in Oracle

Being Oracle DBA we all are well known about the tablespace. Oracle RDBMS have multiple kinds of a tablespace with a different kind of purpose. We are going to have look on steps use for “Change Default Temporary Tablespace”. Check the current default temporary tablespace

Create another TEMP tablespace

Stop the database and remove tempfile […]

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Startup and Shutdown CDB and PDBs

In previous post we have seen various ways to connect with CDB and PDB. Establish Connection in CDB and PDB In this post we will see how we can Start and shutdown particular PDB and how to Start and shut down whole CDB. 1. How to Start Pluggable database There are two ways possible a) […]

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Establish Connection in CDB and PDB

When it comes to Multi-tenant architecture,  one question that comes to our mind is how to connect to container database and pluggable database. Today we will see all possible way to connect to the container database. Obviously, we connect database using service name for the non-local connection. When we create CDB, a service is created […]

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Incomplete Time Based Recovery in Oracle

Oracle provides different multiple options to have a “backup& recovery” as per the organization’s requirements. Incomplete recovery is one of the types of recovery. Let’s have look on the incomplete recovery. Check the archive log status

Create a test table with some records

Begin the backup mode

end the backup mode

create another […]

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Hot Backup with RMAN in Oracle

We are going to have look on the backup of Oracle, Which is common in DBA’s life. HOT Backup is the most common way to have a backup. Let’s have look on the steps of Oracle’s HOT Backup. Check the archive status

Create a test table

Check the datafile name and begin the backup […]

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Manage Lockdown Profiles in PDB

Lockdown Profiles: Its a mechanism given by Oracle to restrict  PDBs from doing certain operations or from restricting them from using certain Functionalities. There are main three categories we can restrict using Lockdown Profile : Statement and clause Feature Option A statement can be Alter System and Alter Session and we can restrict clause with […]

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