Database Server Components of Exadata X7-2

Database Server Components of Oracle Exadata Database Machine X7-2 Oracle Exadata Database Machine X7-2 database servers include the following components: 2 x 24-core Intel Xeon Platinum 8160 Processors (2.10GHz) 384GB RAM 1.5T (24 x 64GB) with memory expansion kit 4 x 600 GB 10K RPM SAS disks, hot swappable, expandable to 8x Disk controller HBA […]

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Introduction:-  We are going to have look at COLS & COLSEXCEPT FILTER in goldengate.  First, we have mentioned the technical definition of COLS & COLSEXCEPT FILTER. after completing, we are going to learn about the steps use ofCOLS & COLSEXCEPT FILTER in goldengate . These parameters are used to Replicat only specific columns from the Source to […]

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How To Move AUD$ Table To Another Tablespace Using DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT

Auditing is always about accountability, and is frequently done to protect and preserve privacy for the information stored in databases. Concern about privacy policies and practices has been rising steadily with the ubiquitous use of databases in businesses and on the Internet. Oracle Database provides a depth of auditing that readily enables system administrators to […]

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This  ENABLE_DDL_LOGGING parameter has been introduced in Oracle 12c. If this ENABLE_DDL_LOGGING is enabled, then DDL records are written to the ADR. All DDL operations like alter/create/drop/truncate objects. Only drop user will be logged, But create user will not be. Enable the parameter: SQL> show parameter enable_ddl_logging NAME TYPE VALUE ———————————— ———– —————————— enable_ddl_logging boolean FALSE SQL> alter system […]

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Unified Audit Trail In Oracle 12c

This post is about Unified Audit Trail In Oracle 12c . Few starting lines give the overview of ” Unified Audit Trail ” .   With Oracle 12c, unified auditing has been introduced. It consolidates all audit trails into a single audit trail table. It will capture audit records from below sources. SYS audit records ( which was […]

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raccli update databasepassword

The update databasepassword subcommand of the raccli utility updates the password in the keystore (wallet) and optionally updates the password of the SYS and SYSTEM users.

If you are executing this command following an update to the cloud tooling from release 17.2.1 or earlier, you must execute the command with the –saveonly option on […]

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Steps for Install Grid Infrastructure 12c On Standalone Server

Today, we are going to have look on the steps which is used for Install Grid Infrastructure 12c On Standalone Server. Grid installation on the standalone database server is also known as Oracle Restart. This is required if you wish you use ASM file system with Oracle restart feature. Oracle Restart Means, During any accidental Hardware or software […]

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TWO_TASK Environment Variables Oracle 12c

There are two environment variables for Unix to connect an Oracle database.One of them is ORACLE_SID and the other one is TWO_TASK. ORACLE_SID is used for connecting a database which is installed to the same host. TWO_TASK is used for connecting an oracle database which is installed another host. I must thank to my fellow DBA […]

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Migrating Oracle ASM Disk Groups without OCR or Voting Files

To migrate Oracle ASM disk groups without Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR) or voting files to Oracle ASMFD: Log in as the Oracle Grid Infrastructure owner on any node to run the commands in this procedure. List the existing disk groups:

List the associated disks:

Check if Oracle ASM is active:

Stop the […]

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