Asmcmd New Features In Oracle 12c

Let’s have look on New Features in Oracle 12c of ASMCMD. Below are the new features of Oracle 12c version.   1. Connecting to ASM instance of remote node: Now we can connect to asmcmd prompt(asm instance) of remote node from local node. SYNTAX – asmcmd –inst < REMOTE ASM INSTANCE NAME>

2.Move ASM password file using pwmove: […]

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Deleting diskgroup via asmcmd

I must thank my fellow DBA Franky Weber Faust for his publication in his blog. The goal here is to show that via asmcmd it is also possible to remove a disk group. Let’s briefly see how to do this. We list the disk groups:

So we tried to delete the diskgroup:

Note that […]

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