RMAN Recovery From Missing All Control File

Today we are going to have look on the steps which are used by “DBA” for RMAN Recovery From Missing All Control File.

Delete control files and start the database

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Controlfile in Oracle Database

 Today we are going to have look at the most important element of the Oracle Databases.Being Oracle DBA we must have good knowledge about Controlfile. It plays an important role in Oracle Database. If something happens wrong with it we are not able to start our database. Let’s have some important knowledge about Controlfile. Whenever we […]

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Recover controlfile

Controlfiles saved at least in 2 locations. If one of them is corrupted then you can copy from other one after shutdown database. In this case I will show you how to recover from autobackup via RMAN. So you need CONFIGURE CONTROLFILE AUTOBACKUP ON; in RMAN and you should have full backup database. It can […]

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Multiplex Controlfile In Oracle RAC

We are going to have look on the steps which we use for Multiplex Controlfile In Oracle RAC. The control file is the most important file in Oracle database. These few lines explain about the technical definition of the control file. A control file is a small binary file that is part of an Oracle database. The […]

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