Monitor Goldengate From OEM 12c Cloud Control

This article is about the steps which we use to monitor goldengate from OEM 12c Cloud Control. We can monitor goldengate processes like a manager, extract and replicate and also the lag from OEM 12c cloud control. We need three main things. Goldengate plugin to be deployed on the management server Goldengate plugin to be deployed […]

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Patching Oracle GoldenGate 12c

For the latest patchset you’ll need access to MOS. At the time of writing the latest patchset is and can be downloaded from here: Oracle GoldenGate Patch Set Availability (Doc ID 1645495.1). we need to make sure that no processes are running out of the home that will be patched:

Unzip the […]

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Oracle GoldenGate 12c: Silent Install

As we know installation of Oracle Goldengate is very easy with GUI mode. In this article we will look at Oracle GoldenGate 12c silent install. Preparing the Response File we can create our response file and save it with ggs.rsp

Installing GoldenGate After creating the response the file , now we need to invoke […]

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Installing Oracle GoldenGate for Oracle 12c

Oracle GoldenGate features can be demonstrated using a single computer and a single database instance. In this case, Oracle GoldenGate replication occurs between two different database schemas running on the same database instance. To make this arrangement possible, the Oracle GoldenGate software must be installed twice on the same computer/VM, in different directories, one dedicated […]

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