Manually Create and configure CDB database and PDB database

In the previous article, we can see that the architecture of multitenant. In this post, we will configure manually CDB and PDB. Introduction of Multitenant Architecture Step 1: create initmycdb.ora

Step 2: Create necessary directories.

Step 3: export ORACLE_SID and start the database in the nomount stage

Step 4: Create a script […]

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Manually Converting Non-RAC DB to RAC DB

In previous articles, we have seen various methods of converting Non-RAC database to RAC database. In this article, we will convert non-RAC database to RAC database using RMAN backup-restore utility. Single Instance DB Name RAC DB name RAC Instance Node RAC Instance Name RAC Node Name MGR MGR Node 1 db1 RAC1 Node 2 db2 […]

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