Creating and Configuring an Oracle Database for RPM Based

In the last post, we installed Oracle 19c Database Software by running RPM Package. Now, we are going to create and configure a Database with default Setting.Log in as root and run the below command to configure an Oracle Database instance.

To resolve the above error, make sure /etc/hosts has configured properly and ping […]

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Oracle 19c can be installed on Oracle Linux using an RPM. This article describes the RPM installation of Oracle Database 19c 64-bit on Oracle Linux 7 (OL7) 64-bit.  The naming convention for RPM packages is name–version–release.architecture.rpm. Installing Oracle Database RPM Manually Login as Root and Download and install the Oracle Preinstallation RPM

Download the .rpm […]

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Installing Oracle Database Using RPM Packages in Oracle 18c

Starting with Oracle Database 18c, you can use the Oracle Preinstallation RPM and the rpm -ivh command to perform an RPM-based single-instance Oracle Database or Oracle Database Client installation. Note: An RPM-based Oracle Database installation is supported only on Oracle Linux systems. Use RPM packages to perform a single-instance, Oracle Database installation on Oracle Linux […]

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