Tablespace growth in Oracle

— Find Tablespace growth size in number¬†of days. set feed off set pages 1000 lines 180 column “tablespace_name” heading “Tablespace | Name” format a20 select to_char (sp.begin_interval_time,’dd-mm-yyyy’) days, ts.tsname, max(round((tsu.tablespace_size* dt.block_size )/(1024*1024),2) ) cur_size_mb, max(round((tsu.tablespace_usedsize* dt.block_size )/(1024*1024),2)) usedsize_mb from dba_hist_tbspc_space_usage tsu, dba_hist_tablespace_stat ts, dba_hist_snapshot sp, dba_tablespaces dt where tsu.tablespace_id= ts.ts# and tsu.snap_id = sp.snap_id and […]

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