This article is short and simple. It explains the ways to find the cluster name in Oracle RAC. First few lines explain about the cluster.

A cluster comprises multiple co-ordinated computers or servers that appear as if they are one server to end users and applications. Oracle RAC enables you to cluster Oracle databases. Oracle RAC uses Oracle Clusterware for the infrastructure to bind multiple servers so they operate as a single system.

Oracle Clusterware is a portable cluster management solution that is integrated with Oracle Database. Oracle Clusterware is also a required component for using Oracle RAC. In addition, Oracle Clusterware enables both single-instance Oracle databases and Oracle RAC databases to use the Oracle high-availability infrastructure. Oracle Clusterware enables you to create a clustered pool of storage to be used by any combination of single-instance and Oracle RAC databases.


If you want to find the cluster name from an existing RAC setup, then use below command.

1. cd $GRID_HOME/bin
  ./olsnodes -c $GRID_HOME/bin
cemutlo -n

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