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Data Warehousing will be the focus of the first Autonomous Database Service in Oracle 18c, so, this implies.. many new features will exist for this area.

Many people.. including me.. we are so eager to see how the autonomous conception will work on Data Warehouses since it was announced that a new Autonomous Database for Datawarehouse will be just a thing of load tables.. running queries and that’s it.. that’s what Oracle Corp. said and really we are so eager to see how close could be what we imagine in comparison to reality.

Meanwhile, let’s see some technical Oracle 18c New Features for Data Warehousing and you will start to realize how all this will be working..

Key 18c Features to Enhance Data Warehouses


  • Autonomous health framework
  • Standby support for nologging ops


  • Online partition merge
  • Partitioning scheme online conversion of a table
  • Private temporary tables


  • SQL language
    • Enhanced approximate query processing
    • Enhanced analytic views, incl. MDX interface
  • In-Memory
    • In-memory external tables
    • In-memory for NVRAM
    • Automatic in-memory management
  • Optimizer and SQL processing
    • Inline external tables
    • Polymorphic table functions
    • Better fine-grained cursor Invalidation – Enhanced SQL Plan Management
  • And much more

If you want to read rest to the article, go across this link : Oracle 18c: Data Warehousing New Features

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