Written by Oracle Certified Master Skant Gupta and Oracle Certified Professional Mohit Sharma are diligently planned to direct the readers about the usage of Oracle Autonomous Database. 

The primary target audience is Oracle DBAs and Oracle Cloud DBA’s. This book has been diligently planned for all levels of DBA experts. Coming right from the real-world practitioner DBA’s, this book is written as a hands-on guide imparting practical working knowledge and guidance of Autonomous Database.

  • Creating Autonomous Databases.
  • Accessing Autonomous Databases.
  • Monitoring Autonomous Databases.
  • Loading Data to Autonomous Databases.
  • Use of Object Storage Bucket.
  • Migrating Autonomous Databases.
  • Managing Autonomous Databases.

A book is available on Paperback, Kindle Edition and PDF version.

Oracle Autonomous Database CookBook

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