In this post, we can use Docker service to pull the prebuilt Oracle Database 18c. Docker must be installed and running for this feature prerequisite.

In your VM or Bare Metal, check the status and version of Docker if it is installed.

To Install Docker on your machine, please go to

As Docker is running, now we need to pull the image from Docker Hub which already created by OracleHelp Team.

Note: Make sure, there must be sufficient space in the root file system.

After Image has successfully pulled, now we will connect with Docker Container to log in.

At this moment, Oracle 18c Home and Default Database are already configured.

Database Name: ORCL18 with one pluggable database PDB18C has default password Welcome_1.

To start the Database and configure listener & TNS file, run the below script inside the container.

Script also set the Oracle Environment variables, gives the status of Database and come to Oracle user console.

This concept of Oracle Database with Docker used development, training and learning purpose. We can not recommend using in Production.

Thank you for giving your valuable time to read the above information.

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  1. fmatz

    The Prebuild DB 18c works for me on Ubuntu 18.04 , many thanks !

    Inside I can connect with:

    [oracle@93fceb281399 /]$ sqlplus system/Welcome_1
    [oracle@93fceb281399 /]$ sql system/Welcome_1@//localhost:1521/ORCL18

    very well.

    Is there a way to connect from outside docker in a new Ubuntu terminal e.g. with sqlcli ?

    I am getting ‘wrong host’ trying: system@//localhost:1521/ORCL18 ..

    Regards, Friedhold

  2. Josué

    is there a way to download this docker image dockerhelp/docker-oracle-ee-18c and install it directly from my box (no internet on my box).
    Thx and regards,

      1. sreenivas manthri

        Great article useful information, i am running on windows installed oracle 18c using docker as per above instruction, now i am not able to access outisde the container using sqldeveloper used same system@//localhost:1521/ORCL18 . Please help how to access the container from outside.

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