I wrote an exam on 9th and 10th Apr in India, After 17 long days, the result was out. Now officially I’ve successfully passed 11G OCM, Oracle Database 11g Certified Master Exam. It was almost more than 15 months that I’ve been preparing for this exam but actual preparation started almost 6 years back when I started my DBA career.

The Exam contains 9 skillsets which you have to complete in 2-Days. To earn this certification you need to get 61% marks.

  • Server Configuration
  • Enterprise Manager Grid Control
  • Managing Database Availability
  • Data Management
  • Data Warehouse Management  
  • Performance Management
  • Grid Infrastructure and ASM
  • Real Application Clusters  
  • Data Guard  

This was the result of the journey: Oracle Certified Master 11g

To earn OCM credentials, we need to complete following steps

Step 1: Candidate must be OCP 11g or OCP 12c

Step 2: Candidate must complete two advance trainings.

Step 3: Candidate must pass the OCM exam

Step 4: Candidate must fill Course Submission Form

Step 5:  Submit Fulfillment Kit Request

As per Oracle OCM website below is the exam environment for 11g OCM

  • Oracle Linux Release 5.4 (32-bit)
  • Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release (32-bit)
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g Grid Control Release 1 (  (32-bit)

How to prepare for the exam?

How to register the exam?

If you want to enroll exam, please click on below link.

Exam Number: 11GOCM

Exam Title: Oracle Database 11g Certified Master Exam


Note: This exam has not conducted by Pearson, so we need to check the OCM Schedule from the below link.

View A Worldwide OCM Schedule

Below are the Exam Details related to scoring and pricing ( which may vary as per country)?

Special Thanks

Joel Perez is an Oracle OCM and ACED who gave an opportunity to write with him and motivating me to learn new things.  I’m very thankful to him as this was the kick off for my studies.

I am also thankful OracleHelp Team.

Thank you for giving your valuable time to read the above information.

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