How To Find The Cluster Name In Oracle RAC

This article is short and simple. It explains the ways to find the cluster name in Oracle RAC. First few lines explain about the cluster. A cluster comprises multiple co-ordinated computers or servers that appear as if they are one server to end users and applications. Oracle RAC enables you to cluster Oracle databases. Oracle RAC uses […]

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PRVF-5424 : Clock Time Offset Check Failed

We are going to have look on the steps which use to solve  RAC database installation INFO: PRVF-9652 : Cluster Time Synchronization Services check failed. While installing Oracle RDBMS home on Oracle Grid, you may get an error as below. ERROR: Clock Synchronization – This test checks the Oracle Cluster Time Synchronization Services across the cluster nodes. Error: […]

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Enable Archive Log Mode In Oracle RAC

Today we are going to have look on the steps which we use for “Enable Archive Log Mode In Oracle RAC”. Being Oracle DBA we all know the importance of Archive Log Mode. This few line explains the technical definition for the quick review of Archive Log Mode. Most of the High Availability features of Oracle require you to […]

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Applying PSU Patch On 12c RAC In Solaris

Patching plays an important role in Oracle Database. In any level of DBA’s interview, they definitely as about Patching. This article explains about the types of patches and steps which use for Applying PSU Patch On 12c RAC In Solaris.   Critical Patch Updates (CPU) was started in January 2005. Then Patch Set Updates (PSU) were […]

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How To Rename ASM Diskgroup With RAC Database

  Below are the steps for renaming an ASM diskgroup with database files present inside for a running database.   EXAMPLE: In this article we will rename the diskgroup +DATATST to +NEWTST.  The database present inside the diskgroup is TESTDB2 . 1. Check configuration of the database: srvctl config database -d TESTDB2 srvctl config database -d […]

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Steps for Copy ASM File From One Server To Another Server

In the world of Technology, we all know COPY and PASTE how much helpful for making any business operations. But in the field of Database, it is not same as in another area. Some different steps we have to use. Let’s have look on those steps which we use for Copy ASM File From One Server To Another Server. Copying file between […]

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Move Datafile From File System To ASM Disk In 11g

Today, we are going to learn about those steps which use to move Datafile from file system to ASM disk in Oracle 11g.Being an Oracle DBA we have deep knowledge of Datafiles. We know there importance of Datafiles in the database. Somes lines explain about the technical definition. A data file is a file that is […]

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Recover from a loss of the SYSTEM tablespace on different location

This post is about the steps used for recover as from a loss of the SYSTEM tablespace on a different location. As DBA we all are aware of system tablespace that it always contains the data dictionary tables for the entire database. In particular, this example will restore the lost tablespace to another location, just […]

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Oracle 11g Architecture Diagram with Explanation

Oracle 11g Architecture Diagram with Explanation. In below flash video, you can get all Dynamics Views, Background Components and Background Processes. For Flash Video: 11g Interactive in Flash To Download in PDF : 11g Architecture in PDF Soon I will upload for Oracle 12c also. Cheers !!!!  

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Different ways to find spfile location in Oracle RAC

1. By using SqlPlus

2. By using ASMCMD find command

3. By using spget command

4. By using crsctl command

5. By using gpnp tool Note: mostly used when ASM is not up.

6. From alert.log

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