Recently we have faced an issue for one of our data guard environment, we will discuss those steps here which we followed to fix this issue. For our Physical standby database, one of the filesystems (/u01/data/) got corrupted, due to which when we added datafiles in primary, the changes not applied on the standby and same datafile not created on standby. Also, the MRP process gets stopped automatically. Manually recreation of data files on standby database also we tried but it failed as filesystem corrupted.

1) On the primary database, take backup of all the datafiles which resides on /u01/data/ mountpoint (on the standby side same filesystem corrupted):

2) Transfer backuppieces to the standby database using scp, NFS, ftp etc

3) On the physical standby database, catalog the backuppiece.

4) Stop redo apply/MRP on the physical standby database.

5) on the standby database restore the datafile:

6) Start MRP on the physical standby database.

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