The following are changes in Oracle Installation for Oracle Database release 19c.

  • Root Scripts Automation Support for Oracle Database Installation
  • Rapid Home Provisioning (RHP) Name Change
    • Starting with Oracle Database 19c and Oracle Grid Infrastructure 19c, Rapid Home Provisioning is renamed to Fleet Patching and Provisioning (FPP).

The following are changes in Oracle Database Data Warehousing for Oracle Database release 19c.

  • The DISTINCT keyword of the LISTAGG function enables you to eliminate duplicates from the specified expression.
  • Materialized views can be created based on hybrid partitioned tables. Query rewrite and refresh is supported for materialized views based on hybrid partitioned tables.
  • The performance of queries that contain COUNT (DISTINCT) operations is enhanced by using materialized views with non-additive facts.

The following are changes in Oracle Database Utilities for Oracle Database 19c.

  • Oracle LogMiner
  • Oracle Data Pump Export and Import
    • The DBAs can now import tablespace files mounted on two different databases as long as the files are set as read-only.
  • Oracle External Tables
    • You can now create partitioned hybrid tables using ORACLE_LOADER access driver.

The following are changes in Very Large Databases and Partitioning for Oracle Database release 19c.

  • Oracle Hybrid Partitioned Tables

The following are changes in Using Oracle Sharding for Oracle Database 19c.

  • Multiple Table Family Support for System-Managed Sharding
  • Support for Multiple PDB-Shards in the Same CDB
  • Generation of Unique Sequence Numbers Across Shards
  • Support for Multi-Shard Query Coordinators on Shard Catalog Standbys
  • Propagation of Parameter Settings Across Shards

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