These are the new features for Oracle Automatic Storage Management 19c.

  • SRVCTL command enhancements
  • Flushing the password file metadata
  • Automatic block corruption recovery with the CONTENT.CHECK disk group attribute
  • New and updated ASMCMD commands
    • The password option with the ASMCMD pwcreate command is now optional.
    • The new ASMCMD setsparseparent command sets the parent for a sparse child file.
    • The new ASMCMD mvfile command moves a file to the specified file group in the same disk group where the file is stored.
  • Support for Parity Protected Files

These are the new features for Oracle Clusterware Administration in Oracle 19c.

  • Zero-downtime Oracle Grid Infrastructure Patching
  • Provide an Alternate Network for Oracle Clusterware
  • SRVCTL Changes for Oracle Clusterware 19c
  • Rapid Home Provisioning Name Change
  • Fine-Grained Single-Instance PDB Patching
  • Zero-Downtime Oracle Grid Infrastructure Patching Using Fleet Patching and Provisioning
  • Automated Transaction Draining for Oracle Grid Infrastructure Upgrades
  • Oracle Restart Patching and Upgrading
  • Support the Specification of TLS Ciphers Using CRSCTL

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