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By backing up your Oracle Database Cloud Service database deployments, you can protect the software, configuration and database against loss if a failure occurs. By restoring from a backup, you can restore the deployment’s software, configuration, and database to their state at the time of the backup.

Database Cloud Service provides a backup feature that backs up:

  • The database
  • Database configuration files
  • Grid Infrastructure configuration
  • Important system and cloud tooling files

Storage Container Configuration

A container is a storage compartment that provides a way to organize the data stored in Oracle Storage Cloud Service.

Any user with the Service Administrator role can create containers. You should create at least one container for your account. Containers are similar to a directory structure but with a key distinction: unlike directories, containers cannot be nested. By default, all containers are of the standard storage class.

Creating a Container Using the Web Console

1. Sign in to the Oracle Storage Cloud Service console. Then Click on Open Service Console.

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