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In this second part of the article titled “Updating the Public / Private Key Pair of an Oracle Public Cloud Service”, we will see the procedure to replace the set of keys (public / private) associated with an “Oracle Public Cloud Service” with a new one.

In Part I we detail the process of generating these SSH keys, which we will use now to carry out the update.

Update Procedure

Let’s see then how is the procedure necessary to perform the replacement/update:

1. In the “My Services” control panel of Oracle Public Cloud, click on the menu option for our Oracle Cloud service and then click on “Open Service Console”.

2.- We click on the menu option for the service instance to which we want to update the associated public key and then select the option “SSH Access”. In our example, the service instance is called GGCService-ABC and as we mentioned, this is a “GoldenGate Cloud Service”.

3. In the “Add New Key” dialog box, the “Key value” field shows the current value of the public key that is associated with the VM of our service. Select “Upload to New SSh Public Key …” and then press the “Browse …” button. There we can find the file containing our new public key.

4.- Then select the new key. In our example, the file is called publicKey_Jack.

5. After the file name of the new public key appears in the “Upload a new SSH Public Key” field, click on “Add New Key”. Well, our virtual machine was now associated with this new public key and therefore we will need its corresponding private key to be able to access the virtual machine using SSH.

These simple steps are the complete procedure for updating the Public and Private key set corresponding to an Oracle Public Cloud Service.

We hope this article has proved useful and we invite you to continue reading our next publications focused on Oracle Cloud.


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