11g Dynamic v$ Performance Views

In this post, we are gonna have look on some important views of Oracle Database. The follow v$ views are used by the new 11g result cache:

The Oracle 11g RAT suite includes database replay and the following v$ view provides details on usage and status for this key new 11g feature with Oracle. […]

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Data Dictionary Architecture in Oracle Database

Till today date normally we all know about Oracle Database Architecture. As we take one step forward in Oracle world we get introduces new terms and technology in Oracle. In this post let’s have a look on data dictionary architecture. Which might be new for you but I am sure it will be more interesting as Oracle Database architecture. […]

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Fundamental of Data Dictionary in oracle database

Today let’s have look on the basic question of Oracle database. It will add some good knowledge in Oracle’s knowledge treasure. Normally in any interviews some of the questions ask for this topic example What is the difference between data dictionary views and dynamic performance views?, What do you mean by data dictionary views?   Let’s have look […]

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