In this post, we are gonna have look on some important views of Oracle Database.

The follow v$ views are used by the new 11g result cache:

The Oracle 11g RAT suite includes database replay and the following v$ view provides details on usage and status for this key new 11g feature with Oracle.

For the new 11g feature for the Incident Repair component of the 11g ADR, there are the following v$ views:

The 11g health monitor (HM) is linked to the following v$ views listed below:

V$ Views-Oracle 11g NFS New Features

Oracle 11g provides a new feature to setup NFS based files within Oracle 11g. The following v$ views provide the details for NFS configuration within Oracle 11g.

Oracle 11g Backup and Recovery

Backup and Recovery is the most important function of the serious Oracle DBA and can mean the difference between life and death in terms of corporate safety and job security. The following v$ views provide details for Oracle 11g Backup and Recovery.

Oracle 11g RAC and ASM, Oracle 11g Data Guard and 11g Streams

Oracle 11g RAC and ASM provide highly available robust architectures for performance, service and reliability as part of the Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA). The following v$ views provide details on these key HA technologies.

11g Data Guard

11g Streams

11g RAC

11g ASM

Performance Tuning Oracle 11g

Performance tuning is a complex task that daunts many Oracle DBAs. It is as much an art as a science. While GUI tools such as Oracle Enterprise Manager and Quest TOAD provide a nice slick graphical interface, to dig into the internal nuts and bolts of database performance, the serious Oracle performance analyst relies on reports generated by v$ dynamic performance views from within the Oracle 11g data dictionary. The following v$ views provide insight into database tuning for Oracle 11g.

Wait Events for 11g

Oracle 11g Concurrency and SQL Tuning

Oracle 11g Memory Tuning

Here is a list of the v$ views with notes from my site: (Work in progress):

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